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Gruppo Folkloristico Miromagnum song are those sang for the "sun" or to the "moon", in "winter" or in "summer", in oder to tell unique emotions, communion songs that cheer up farm work to describe love for the land and for the beloved woman.

These are only a few of the many songs gathered during the years of search (extracted from "Gli alti Bruzi e il loro linguaggio", ed. 1996 written by prof. Luigi Paternostro).


:: The most famous folkloristic songs ::
Canzuni alla minzogna
Garofaleddru meiu... chi tantu adduri
Minni vurria... campu di xjùri
C'adduro di garofanu chi veni
Murmannu meiu
Cupi cupi
Cu ti lu dissi ca....
Oli ola
Salve o Croce
Calabrisella (Inno regionale)

A particular thanks goes to Luigi Regina for the performance of pieces of music..