The "Gruppo Folkloristico Miromagnum" was born in Mormanno (Cs) during the period of 1980-81 and its first performance took place in front of an enthusiastic Mormanno public in the evening of the 16th August 1981. The Group is called "Miromagnum": a choice which is anything but fortuitousness. The idea comes from an inscription on the font of the Church of S.Maria del Colle, where all the people of Mormanno were baptised. What better choice could there be than this? Miraculously, the history, the rural place and the imagination; all elements of an ancient alchemy, all converge in "Miromagnum". Miromagnum which means "I see the best"-"I hope for the best" is certainly the inner spirit that most conveys the  light  of the  great  bet that  those good  "Founders"  wanted  to  realize.

Accepting a challenge is not a trifle: frequently we run the risk of making mistaken appraisals, choices and opinions; but we have to remember what Victor Hugo said: "Time is the architect, Man is the bricklayer".
We have to believe in what we love and, above all, we have to "take care of" our roots and not "cut" them: this is the only thing to do in order to defeat levelling and globalization, the unthinking and the unexisting.
This concept was the most important principle at the basis of our Statute and, above all, it is impressed in every member of the Group with an indelible ink. Miromagnum is a name full of expectations!