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Certainly research is one of the guiding principles of the Group.
During these years the group has started in-depth studies on life and on the rural aspect of our land. A lot of things have been written down and archived, but unfortunately a lot of things have also remained unrecorded....

The reasons why we have lost "Customs and Myths" are countless and, in many ways, cultural traditions are still not receiving the consideration that they deserve.
Especially in the Pollino area the tradition is oral... and in order to maintain this continuity is important handing it on from father to son.


We have already seen a lot of; a lot of times the stake has hit the mythical “Alexandria” and for this reason we have to do something!
Our task is to make sure that these threats and losses do not happen again.

As T.A Edison said:
"The value of a Dream or of an Idea lies in its Fulfilment".